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Jungle community immersion

SEPT 1 - OCT 27, 2024

Playtopia is Protopia’s annual signature event where we intentionally gather together in the heart of the jungle to play, move, share, inspire, co-work and co-create with each other.


This event is for you if: 

  • You are seeking to experience off grid living, and learn about regenerative lifestyle.

  • You are yearning to reconnect with your heart and the earth.

  • You are a digital nomad looking for an epic place with high-speed internet to call home for a couple months.

  • You are craving real, authentic human connection and seeking to find your soul family

  • You are looking to build new healthy habits

  • You are seeking to connect with your food source, cleansing your body with wholesome and nourishing meals.

  • You want to move your body and engage in adventurous activities

  • You are curious about permaculture and new ways to grow your own food.

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PROTOPIAN   Convergence

MARCH 15-19 2024

Logo Protopian convergence

Spanning over 5 days, Protopian Convergence is an immersive experience for changemakers to collaborate, mastermind and prototype solutions to the world's most critical issues. You are invited to explore the inner and outer system changes needed in our organizations and our behaviors to upgrade our civilization towards pro-equality and regenerative societal systems.

Protopian Convergence Costa Rica R 24


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Acro Tantra  

DEC 15 - 21, 2023

The Acrotantra Gathering is a co-creative humbling and empowering experience where we all walk the path of being both teacher and student. Each person has the opportunity to offer workshops or skill shares of any sort during their stay. We open up to receiving our collective intelligence shine through. 

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PROTOPIAN Convergence

MARCH 24-28 2023

Logo Protopian convergence

Join us to co-create protopia; a positive and exciting prototype of a future worth working towards now. This interactive event is a space for open dialogue, learning and collaboration to envision a future where technology, nature, and the individual are all in a symbiotic balance.

  • Protopian Convergence 2023 after movie
Collaborathon at Protopia community
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DEC 8-20 2022

The objective of this collaborathon is to find synergies between our respective lines of work, cross-pollinate ideas, and ideally co-create something that resonates with us as a collective.
Topics of interest include: collective governance, activism, public economy, regeneration, community building, technology, web3, system thinking, alternative organizational models, non-coercive and non-hierarchical structures, coordination mechanics, biohacking, equitable social infrastructures, etc.
This is not a commercial event—think of it as a collaborative non-prescriptive retreat where we will co-create the program together, run errands and cook together, and of course also do some fun activities! It's up to us to come up with interesting stuff to do: unconferences, workshops, jungle hikes, dance, yoga, meditation.... Everyone will be invited to contribute, share their gifts, present what they are passionate about and the projects they have been working on.
There is no fixed price but donations are welcome according to what you can afford.


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Host your event at Protopia

Protopia can host events up to 50 people, even more if camping.

Download our Venue rental package for more information.

To apply to host your event at Protopia, fill up this form.

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